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Look! You can cook them in the microwave!


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Cook ‘em in the microwave!

Joe Trapp’s Microwave Yellow Joe Trapp’s Grits

1/4 cup yellow grits
3/4 cup water
salt, butter, and cheese to taste

Rinse grits as directed on package
Pour into microwave safe bowl
Add water and salt
Cook in microwave for 2 minutes
Remove from microwave and stir
Cook 2 more minutes
Stir again and add a tad of water if needed
Cook 2 more minutes
Stir, add butter and cheese, stir and enjoy

Total cooking time 6 minutes

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Welcome to Joe Trapp’s stone ground grits web site. Our grits and meal are made from only the best South Carolina grown corn. Click the “Where to Buy” link above for a list of stores that carry our products. We can be reached by email at joe@yellowgrits.com .

Click here for a link to a story that ran on a local news program.

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